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Average Roofing Prices

The typical value of roof works differs relying on numerous factors:
  • The location of the house. The climatic conditions differ throughout the country. Somewhere it is dry and warm and somewhere it is cold and wet. The weather influences the duration of work, its complexity and danger. Working on a wet roof demands more safety measures to be taken than working on the dry one.
  • The form of the roof. Its type and complexity influence the price greatly. The bigger the number of additional constructions (like dormers, skylights, chimneys), the more costly will be the work of a roofer.
  • The number of floors in the house. It is more dangerous to work if it’s a two or more storey house.
  • The number of doors and locks. The lock change is an expensive procedure. Leave it to a good locksmith contractor in your area.
  • The roof area. The fee per square foot for a small roof is usually higher than the same job on the roof bigger than the mediocre.
  • The roof pitch. The works on the low slope roofs are usually cheaper than on the high pitch.
  • The material used. This is a significant part of the task value. The market offers all kinds of roofing materials for any budget and house design. You can choose the roofing made of metal, asphalt or wood shingles and tile or slate roofing.
  • Type of work. The replacement of the roof will be costlier than re-roofing or roof repair or restoration.
  • Labor. The price of work depends on the proficiency and reliability of the roofer.

How to calculate the price

The best in Burnaby locksmith services cost a pretty penny. Out friends can help you with your locks. Usually we order Mate Locksmith company. A lot of people change their locks after repair the roof. We should also mention that the outlay of the task is higher when you deal with a respectful and trustworthy company or contractor. You can economize if you employ a staring out contractor or the so-called “weekend warriors”. Unfortunately, they give no warranty on their job. Remember, a miser pays twice. Typically, the price of the labor makes 60% of the bill. The standard cost of roof replacement job varies from $3,50 to $5 per square foot. Still, you can be charged from $2,50 to $7,50 relying on the factors we have already enumerated.
The rest 40% is the cost of the covering needed to accomplish the project. If you’ve decided to cover your roof with asphalt shingles, get ready to pay around $100 per roofing square of the shingles and add the value of underlayment.
Metal roofing may be quite pricy. The price ranges from $120 per roofing square of corrugated steel panels to $900 per roofing square of copper or zinc material. The cost of metal roofing may seem too pricy but the longevity of this covering is over 50 years with a lifelong warranty.
As for the other materials for roof covering, the price range is the following:

  1. Wood shingles price is $350-$450 per square;
  2. Concrete tiles cost from $300 to $500 per square;
  3. Clay tiles will cost you $800-$1000 per square;
  4. Slate tiles price ranges from $1100 to $2000 per square.
As you can see, everybody can find the roof covering based on his financial capacity. The only difference is the service life of the material.